Our Crew denaling White Pine

A truckload of white pine ready to Go to Montana.

Typical site where we salvaged the wood.  

Stair header hand mortised for joist. 

Redwood tank salvage with blue paint and banding marks

Our crew is working on bundling the wood.

Bundle of Yellow Pine.

Colorado Reclaimed

After selling Northwest Coffee Roasting, my Son and I established a reclaimed wood company that salvaged the wood from condemned housing in St. Louis and shipped it by the truckload all over the country. The houses were built from 1850 to 1920 and contained the old growth white and yellow pine that was here when the country was settled. Pictured below is my son directing the loading of a semi truck. In just our second year we sold and shipped over $150,000 worth of reclaimed wood. Due to logistical and location problems, we decided to shut the company down instead of making the investment necessary to take the business to the next level.